What is content management?

Content Management is exactly what it sounds like. It is the effective management of the content on your site. This impacts the user experience and the indexing carried out by Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

To better explain the ins-and-outs of content management I will use the example of the awesome but fictitious Bean-o-matic coffee grinder.

The first version was first produced in 2014. GoodToTheLastDrop raved about it and gave it 4.5 stars. The only drawback was its lack of an app that could allow the user to grind beans remotely.

In 2016 the Bean-o-matic 2.0 with it’s new Beaner App hit the shelves to great acclaim. They stopped production of the original version. How then should they deal with the original version’s content?

Don’t delete old content, redirect it.

Need help with content management? Let 15medium help you.It would be a mistake to remove the web pages associated with the first version Bean-o-matic. The review in GoodToTheLastDrop includes a link to that page, as does Google and Bing. Maybe a potential customer, let’s call her Martha has bookmarked the Bean-o-matic page in her browser. The next time she goes to that page she will receive a “404 – Page not found” error.

Now Martha is a busy woman and isn’t inclined to search around your site. In the end, she decides to buy the competition’s grinder.

This is why a redirect is so important. Instead of “Page not Found” they could direct Martha to the Bean-O-matic 2.0 page. There she would be very exciting to learn about the Beaner App and would immediately place an order.

15medium will help you redirect those old pages on your WordPress site.

Make sure that your content is up to date

Content up to date? If not let 15medium do it for you.In our coffee grinder example, the new unit replaced the original version. If the company had merely improved the original then it is important that they update its webpage. All existing links will continue to find the page. This means the user receives up to date information on the updated version of the Bean-o-matic.

Great, so you’ve updated the key content on your website. Have you examined it in finer detail? For example is your company name and address listed correctly. Are the phone number, email address and other details accurate?

If you have a staff page have there been additions? Have others left the company? Has anyone had a title change? Are the biographies accurate?

Are downloadable resources such as annual reports, catalogs or spreadsheets current? Will you archive or delete older content?

It’s vital to update your content, from the most important pages down to the smallest detail in the footer.

If your details aren’t up to date contact me and we’ll get them in order.

Why you should add new content

Remember to add new content regularly.The most common types of content that you can add to your site are pages and posts.

If your company is offering a new service then you would be adding a new page. It would describe in detail what the service is, what the benefits are to you as the customer and who to contact for more information.

A post is commonly used for timely news items about your organization. This is where you tell the world about awards received, what trade shows you will attend and so on.

Search engines such as Google and Bing will index your new content. This could improve your ranking which in turn will drive more traffic to your site.

If you have content to add and aren’t sure how to do it contact me. I can help.

15medium can help you with all of your content management needs be it redirecting old content, updating existing or adding new. I can also maintain your website and offer you preventative maintenance services.

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