A website maintenance primer

You will have heard the phrase “Your home is your castle”. After you’ve cleaned it top to bottom and decorated it the way you like it you will need to look after a few preventative maintenance tasks before you can relax and enjoy it.

Changing the furnace filter or cleaning the leaves from the eaves troughs to name just a couple of examples. Neglect these now and you could end up with expensive bills later.

Websites also need regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns. 15medium uses a three-point strategy; keeping the software up to date, keeping it secure and backing everything up.

Why it is important to be up to date.

Preventative maintenance. Rule number 1 is to always have up to date software.The internet is an ever evolving technological landscape. At WordPress, a dedicated community of developers builds and maintain its core software and plugins. They strive to improve the user experience while enhancing security. For this reason, older versions of WordPress may be vulnerable to attack.

The 15medium Monthly Maintenance Plan is an inspection and upgrades installation service. By keeping your site current hackers will look to other sites with older, less secure software.

Regular maintenance includes backing up of your entire site

15medium will regularly backup your entire site.At one time or another, we have all lost an important file. Maybe it was a spreadsheet or a Word document. Remember how annoyed you were when you couldn’t find a backup copy and had to start from scratch?

Your WordPress website contains thousands of files and a sizable database. A missing file or corrupted database could break a part or all of your website.

Recreating a page is tedious and time wasting. A damaged database can be disastrous. Being offline for any length of time can result in the loss of potential business.

Let’s assume the worst has happened and a hacker has ruined your site. Without a backup, your developer will only be able to restore your site to how it appeared on Day 1. You will have lost all the content you have created since that day.

With a 15medium Monthly Maintenance Plan, I back up your entire site daily and store the files in a safe and secure location.

Your home gets regular maintenance. Doesn’t your website deserve the same?

Does your site have good security?

Security is a must for all WordPress sites.Every minute of every day there are hackers trying to crack your website. These criminals create applications that travel around the internet relentlessly hitting sites and trying to open the door. If they do get in they can cause havoc.

They can:

  • Damage or delete files
  • Infect your database
  • Inject malware
  • Take over your email services

These are all bad but the last one can have a lasting impact. At some point, you will have received a phishing email. It can come from a company that you may or may not have any dealings. They claim that there is a problem with your account and that you need to take immediate action. They want you to “Click here” but you immediately recognize it as a scam and delete the email. Those emails are coming from the hacked sites of legitimate businesses.

All web domains have an email Sender Score. It measures the spamminess of emails sent from your domain. It is like a Credit Rating. Send lots of spam and your score gets reduced. Most businesses have a good Sender Score but a hacker can destroy it by using your email service to deliver thousands of phishing emails.

This can result in the non-delivery of your emails to your clients. Do you want to tell your customers to check their junk folder for your email? I didn’t think so.

Will a hacker damage your site? It could happen and I can’t promise it won’t. Nobody can. A 15medium Monthly Maintenance Plan will ensure that you have the best security package available.

15medium can make sure that you have the latest files, that everything is secure and backups are regularly made. I can also maintain your website and manage your content.

Contact me today for more information and a free quote.