15medium can repair a wide variety of problems in your WordPress website.

You love your home and wouldn’t change a thing but there are always a few things that need your attention. It could be as simple as a dripping faucet that needs repair, a wall with some scuffed paint or a malfunctioning appliance. They detract from your sense of pride and are annoying to you.

So too with the small imperfections on your website. They distract your visitor’s attention span. This could affect your ability to connect with them and ultimately your bottom line.

If you are unsure how to fix them yourself or your developer is unable or unwilling to help then contact me. I can correct these issues in a timely and affordable way.

Repair those typos and grammatical errors

15medium will repair your spelling mistakes.There is an old saying that goes “The devil is in the details.” Are typos and grammatical errors in your content driving away potential clients?

It is not unusual to miss the occasional error when writing copy especially in this deadline-driven world. But now with those mistakes published you need them corrected.

If you are unsure how to make these edits I would be happy to show you how. Or if you like I’ll make the corrections for you in a quick and affordable manner.

Restore missing pages

Missing pages? 404 errors? Call me today.Do you receive emails from users complaining of missing pages on your website? They find it frustrating when they can’t get the information they need. Presenting a user with a “Page not found” error is a sure way to drive them elsewhere.

While there could be a multitude of reasons for why a page goes missing it is important to find and restore it. As a worst-case scenario, you should at least redirect them to a meaningful page.

I specialize in tracking down missing pages and can help you get them back online.

Repair Broken Links

Links are an essential tool for navigating your website. They let your visitors move from topic to topic. A broken link interrupts your website’s flow and can cause confusion for your visitors.
 There are many reasons why a link can fail. Broken links are often the result of missing or moved content. This can be a page, a post or a resource.
Whether the broken link is internal or external I can track down the problem and repair it.

Image problems?

Fuzzy or distorted images will drive away customers. A picture is worth a thousand words except when it’s missing or distorted.
If it is missing we can likely find and restore it. It probably hasn’t gone far.
Here are a couple possible causes of image distortion:
  • If it is fuzzy or out of focus then its resolution is lower then its intended purpose.
  • If it takes a long time to load then the opposite is true, its resolution is greater than needed.

Image optimization is important to the viewer experience and search engines like to see correctly sized images.

These problems and many others are easy to repair. Get in touch today and I’ll make those pictures shine.


Nonfunctional forms

Broken forms will reduce your number of leads.Your site’s Contact us form is an effective way of obtaining new leads. Are you certain that it is working correctly or at all?

Your WordPress site automatically sends you an email after a user submits their information. If you aren’t receiving these emails there may be a problem with the email delivery system. I will investigate and propose a solution.

Incomplete data from your “Contact Us” form

Is your “Contact us” form collecting valid information?

The standard form collects a contact’s name, email, and phone number. Empty or uncompleted fields may make the contact unusable. You need the information validated before you can accept it. WordPress can be set up to ask the user to correct any fields before submission is possible.

If you need help validating your contact’s information please give me a call.

15medium can fix these annoying issues for you. Make your site sparkle again. I can also help manage your content and offer preventative maintenance services.

Contact me today for more information and a free quote.