15medium offers SEO consulting to small and medium sized businesses in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Ask yourself how much is it worth to your business to be on the first page of a Google result? Now ask yourself how much is your business losing by not being there?

What the heck is SEO and why do I need it?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is the process of building content that Google willingly promotes as the best answer to a user’s question.

Back in the dark ages before the internet if I needed a plumber I would look in the Yellow Pages phone directory. You could locate the local businesses on a single page. They employed a couple of marketing strategies to encourage you to give them a call. The first was to have a larger, flashier ad. The second was to have a company name like AA Plumbing Ltd. or AAA Plumbing Inc. which would put them at the top of the page.

Fast forward twenty years and we now turn to Google to find a plumber. Gone are the alphabetically named companies. Society has become visually savvy so the flashier website seems to be the way to go. Contemporary websites contain lots of large images, big blocks of text and animated graphics displaying how many customers served. There is not a lot of content but it sure looks good. Often times the question of how well will the site rank on Google is an afterthought. Can you find your business in Google?

You want to be on a first page Google result but your site could be holding you back. What is your SEO strategy?

The three components of effective Search Engine Optimization

On page SEO

Your content is the best place to deploy a productive SEO campaign but before you begin composing you need to have a list of keywords.

Keyword research is more involved than selecting the words that describe your product. It is the analysis of what Google users are actually typing into their search queries. To get to the first page of Google your content needs to contain those keywords. Not often but just the right amount. It also needs to be informative and written for humans, not search engines.

Have you discussed with your developer which keywords best describe your company’s products and services? Have you tested them to see if people are actually searching them? Does your content optimize them? Address these questions and you are well on your way to ranking well on Google.

Off page SEO

This pertains to the number and quality of back links to your website. A back link is a link to your content from another website. A good back link is one that comes from a website with a higher reputation. An example of this would be a smaller plumbing company publishing an original review of a new faucet from a large manufacturer who then acknowledges the post with a link to it on Twitter or Facebook.

This can be an arduous process and increasingly less important to Google but good back links can help your SEO efforts.

Be wary of paid services that provide back links. Google are wise to these schemes and punish websites that use this strategy.

Do you know who is linking to your website today? You may be surprised. Websites with poor reputations may be back linking to your website and hampering your SEO efforts.

Technical SEO

Google wants your content to load fast and to be effective on mobile devices. Failure to meet these conditions can penalize your ranking.

How fast is your site?

There are many factors that influence page loading speed. These include the quality of your hosting company’s equipment and software, the quantity and size of the external files that support your web page and the optimization of images. Fast hosting and a lean website equal higher ranking.

Is your site mobile ready?

As the growing number of people browse the internet with their cellphones Google thinks their experience should be just as rewarding as using a the big screen of a desktop computer. A few years ago there was a trend toward creating separate mobile websites. This was expensive and it often became difficult keeping the two sites synchronized. This problem was solved with the Responsive Theme website which renders the content according to the size of the device’s screen. Is your website responsive? Google hopes so.


No one can promise a page one result but proven strategies exist to improve your ranking. Sometimes it takes a re-evaluation of a website’s content or a modification of the design to achieve better access on small devices. A successful campaign will include some or all of these SEO component.

I would like to help you achieve a higher Search Engine Ranking. Contact me today for more details.