We offer installation and monitoring of Security Plugins to ensure that your site isn’t a target for the bad guys. This is one of the reasons why it is so important.

You are a small business owner and proud of your WordPress website. It’s an excellent brochure of your products and services. It ranks well with Search Engines such as Google. It doesn’t need security because you don’t maintain any sensitive user data. ‘Nothing to see here’ you might be thinking but that’s exactly what the bad guys are looking for.

If you and a stranger are being chased by a bear your survival depends on your ability to outrun the other guy. The same rule applies to WordPress security. Hackers aim for easy prey, sites with little or no protection.

Those damned Phishing emails.

You get them all the time. Emails that purportedly come from banks, delivery or social media companies warning you of impending disaster. They want you to stop what you are doing and give them your personal information.

You may be tempted to ‘click here’ if you have a relationship with the company but before you do, stop and place your cursor, without clicking, over the link. You will find the destination address at the bottom of your screen and it’s not going to be a link to that company’s website. Clicking through would take you to a convincing but fake page that collects the unwitting user’s data.

Now you, like the vast majority of people can smell a rat. You weren’t fooled by that amateurish presentation but the hackers aren’t interested in volume. They are happy with the small number of panicked people who do offer up their information.

But whose site is hosting that malicious page? Well the bad guys aren’t stupid. They don’t buy server space like you do. That would give the authorities a door to knock down. Instead they hack someone else’ site. Free hosting and no known address. It’s a pretty sweet deal. It could also be your website.

Hacked. What are the Implications.

It gets worse for the guy whose site they’ve hacked. They use his domain to send large volumes of phishing spam. Since spam accounts for over 50% of all email, mechanisms are in place to blacklist offending domains. If this happens to you your clients will have to dig through their spam folder to find your emails. Worse still they may not receive your emails at all. Needless to say that doesn’t look very professional.

Being hacked could also have a direct impact on you ranking at Google but that is a topic for another day.

Security, please.

What can you do? Well, there are a number of excellent security plugins for WordPress that are free, easy to install and to setup. They provide enough protection to make the hacker give up and move on to another, less protected site. Our favorite is the All In One WP Security & Firewall.

Ask your developer about your site’s security status. If you don’t have a developer, no problem, give me a call at (905) 337-0735 or email me at [email protected].

So when the bear comes out from behind the tree make sure that your site isn’t the easiest one to catch.